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Ducted And Cassette Type AC

Ducted and Cassette Type AC Maintenance Services in Qatar

Green Cool AC Repair Qatar Our professional AC maintenance services in Qatar cater to both Ducted and Cassette Type air conditioning systems, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your cooling units.

Ducted AC Maintenance:Thorough inspection of ductwork for leaks and blockages.
Cleaning and replacement of filters for improved air quality.
Checking and recharging refrigerant levels for efficient cooling.
Calibration of thermostats for accurate temperature control.
Lubrication of moving parts to reduce friction and wear.
Cassette Type AC Maintenance:Cleaning and sanitizing of cassette unit components.
Inspection of drainage systems to prevent water leakage.
Testing and adjustment of fan speeds for balanced airflow.
Examination of electrical connections for safety and reliability.
Performance testing to ensure optimal cooling capacity.
Our experienced technicians are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to provide comprehensive maintenance services for both Ducted and Cassette Type AC systems in Qatar. Trust us to keep your air conditioning units running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.Contact us today to schedule your Ducted and Cassette Type AC maintenance service and enjoy a comfortable and cool indoor environment in Qatar.

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